Ö TILL Ö is a unique race in a unique environment. Teams of two race together from island to island. The teams swim between the islands and run on them. The total distance is 75 kilometres of which 10 km are swimming and 65 km are running. The race is ranked as one of the toughest endurance races in the world by various media.

In the end of 2013, Pawel constantly annoyed Alex by asking whether he would like to participate with him in this special competition. Although Alex always rejected his kind offer, Pawel finally bought a lottery ticket for the two of them - one of several ways to participate in ÖTILLÖ. Now, Alex gave up and slowly acquired the taste of this race.

In the beginning of 2014, shortly before ticket selection, Pawel and Alex also prepared an application by merits and - Eureka! - were chosen as one of 120 participating teams.

This concludes the introduction. Everything else is training. Which you will be informed of on this blog - and on FacebookInstagram, or Twitter.

Wir trauern um Nilsi

Am Donnerstag, den 08.10.2015 verstarb sehr unerwartet unser Freund Nils Goldhorn.

Vor vielen Jahren hatten wir Dich als Personalkunden kennengelernt und es entwickelte sich daraus sehr rasch eine große Freundschaft.


Monday, September 1st 2014


Pawel participated in a diversity of races in various sports, already. In 2005, he reached the 3rd place overall in the national German long distance swim championship (5000 m) and having finished various other long distance swim competitions, he does not need to hide from the international opposition. He also finished various long distance triathlons, including Ironman Frankfurt 2010 and Challenge Roth 2013. Given his expertise as a sports scientist, he is responsible for the training of several triathlon teams in Berlin an especially for that of ÖTILLÖ Team Berlin.


Having done everything from field hockey to fencing to basketball, Alex finally found his sportive home in triathlon in 2005. Since then he took part in a lot of varying competitions. In 2013, he reached the 2nd place in his age group in the Berlin-Brandenburg championship in olympic distance triathlon. He is a finisher of several long distance swim competitions of up to 10 km and finished his first two long distance triathlons in Roth 2012 and 2013.